In-Ground Benches

CRS5500 In-Ground

The UnoLiner CRS5500 In-Ground is a chassis straightening bench, mounted level with the workshop floor, suitable for repairing cars of all sizes, commercial vehicles, pickup and utility trucks, MPVs, and heavy-duty all-terrain vehicles. The built-in L45 double scissor lift gives this bench an impressive lifting capacity of 5000 kg. This straightening, alignment, and collision repair bench also serves as a multifunctional vehicle maintenance and general repair worksite. With its length of 5.5 meters and width of 1 meter, the UnoLiner CRS5500 In-Ground frame machine is perfect for car body repair workshops offering full chassis straightening and body repair capabilities for vehicles of various types and sizes.


  • 5 ton lifting capacity
  • Level with the ground in its lowest position
  • Great for large vehicles
  • Interchangeable UnoLiner accessories
  • Mechanical and hydraulic safety systems

Technical data

  • Bench frame length : 5560 mm
  • Bench frame width : 1040 mm
  • Min. bench height : 0 mm
  • Max. bench height : 1130 mm
  • Max. load weight : 5000 kg
  • Width incl. ramps : 1960 mm



While the bench height itself is 14.5 cm, installing the top of the bench level with the ground ensures any car can easily be driven onto it. This multifunctional in-ground bench is compatible with all UnoLiner tools, equipment, and accessories. The CRS5500 In-Ground set includes the F55 bench frame with L45 Double Scissor Lift, 1x R15 Drive-On Ramp Set, 4x C10 Quick Lock Universal Chassis Clamps, 4x B10 Bench Adapters, 4x H25L Wheel Stands, 1x P10 Draw Aligner Pulling Tower, and 1x F1030-L Bench Height Set.