Roll-Over Benches

CRS3000-RO Quick Bench

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Sophisticated Construction

Home of the patented UnoLiner car chassis straightening system, designed to straighten cars, MPVs, pickup trucks, vans, SUVs and other utility vehicles efficiently, fast, and accurately. Our main strengths are user-friendliness and quality. In more than 25 countries, satisfied customers work with UnoLiner auto body panel, chassis straightening, and measuring systems.
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Swedish origin, Dutch innovation

Swedish in origin, UnoLiner has been based in the Netherlands since a new generation of entrepreneurs took the reins in 2013. Starting from the existing UnoLiner chassis straightening systems, they respond to new trends and developments in the car body and chassis repair market. Major improvements have been carried out and the delivery program has been extended to encompass the globe.

About Us

UnoLiner Systems B.V. has its headquarters in Opmeer, 40 kilometers north of Amsterdam. An enthusiastic team of craftsmen and engineers work on the latest generation of auto chassis straightening and body panel repair systems. A strong focus on providing excellent service drives us to exceed expectations. Utilizing the solid professional history of the UnoLiner vehicle collision repair and straightening systems, we are always developing and implementing improvements on our continually expanding product range.


The heavy-duty UnoLiner chassis straightening bench frame serves as a basis for all UnoLiner auto chassis straightening benches. Machined profiles on the bench frame ensure the comprehensive UnoLiner range of equipment such as Draw Aligners, Bench Adapters, Down Pull Adapters, and Chain Guides can easily be attached and used. For flexible and efficient vehicle body and chassis repair work, every UnoLiner chassis straightening bench is equipped with UnoLiner’s Quick Lock Chassis Clamps and Bench Adapters.