C30/C31 Truck Chassis Clamp

The UnoLiner C30/C31 Truck Chassis Clamp is perfect for securing 4x4s, pickup trucks of all sizes, utility vehicles, SUVs, vans, and campervans to UnoLiner straightening benches. The set includes jaw and cup clamps in different sizes. The clamp head can be rotated and fixed in position for optimal placement.


  • Sill clamp for trucks
  • Rotatable clamp fixture
  • Different sizes in one set
  • Different types in one set
  • Compatible with UnoLiner bench adapters

Technical data

  • Length : 300 mm
  • Standard height : 218 mm
  • Width : 235 mm
  • Angle of rotation : 50 degrees



By tightening the four bolts, the C30/C31 Truck Chassis Clamp is securely attached to the bench adapter mounted on the machine frame. As the images show, the chassis clamp can be fitted with jaw or cup clamps, which are easily switchable.