About us

Swedish origin, Dutch innovation

UnoLiner consists of an enthusiastic, innovative team responsible for service, design, production, quality assurance, commercial interests, sales, and aftersales of the complete range of UnoLiner products. This team is led by Damiaan Hendrikse, CEO and Commercial Director, and Mitch Hendrikse, COO and Technical Director. Their primary goal is to design, produce, and deliver high-quality collision repair equipment.

Products include vehicle chassis straightening benches / frame machines, draw aligners / pulling towers, and autobody repair tools. Their worldwide network of distributors offers end users in the panel-beating, collision repair, chassis straightening, and car restoration business the equipment they need. These tools are suitable for road cars, SUVs, MPVs, off-road vehicles, 4x4s, commercial vehicles, utility vehicles, pickup trucks and classic cars. This gives users of UnoLiner equipment a great deal of versatility when it comes to body repair and chassis straightening.

In the 1970s, Uno Liner was established by Uno Johansson, an entrepreneur who designed the original Car-O-Liner straightening bench and pulling tower system. This Swedish inventor would go on to start his own company and design the patented UnoLiner chassis straightening bench and pulling tower, which became the rock-solid foundation for today’s UnoLiner products.

In 2013, UnoLiner entered a new phase. Now based in the Netherlands, UnoLiner Systems continues to honor their legacy by developing and building the next generation of UnoLiner equipment. To explore this expanding product range, visit this website’s Products page.

Foto Frankfurt Beursstand September 2018