Self-Pierce Riveting (SPR) is a quick and efficient way of joining sheets of material together that is commonly used by the biggest car manufacturers. It is a cold joining process in which a rivet is driven through the top sheet(s) to connect it to the lower sheet without piercing it. To make these types of repair possible for our clients, we offer riveting equipment that is used mostly for this purpose but can also be used as universal riveting guns.


Highlighted product - RV8E 8 Ton 18V Handheld

This handheld UnoLiner RV8E packs quite a punch with its 8-ton pushing and pulling capacity. Despite its compact size, the RV8E is a durable and powerful riveting device, approved by Ford and also suited for specific rivet mandrils of many other car brands, such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, and Porsche. Its pulling and pushing... Read more...
RV8E 8 Ton 18V Handheld
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UnoLiner’s riveting systems are available in portable variants, all of which feature 8 tons of pulling and pushing power. A diverse range of accessories, among which adapters and different-sized C-arms, ensures users of these riveting guns of a functionality optimally suited for their car body repair workshop.

  • RV8E and RV8H approved by Ford
  • Compact, portable riveting equipment
  • Pushing and pulling force of 8 tons
  • Useful accessories such as adapters
  • Compression arms in different sizes
  • Compression head 360° rotatable
  • Built-in software to track riveting