In-Ground Benches

UnoLiner car chassis straightening benches are also available as In-Ground Benches. These benches can be mounted in-ground, level with your workshop floor. In-ground installation has obvious advantages, such as easy vehicle placement and flexible, efficient use of your workshop space. Any car or truck can quickly and easily be rolled into position over the bench. Apart from these benefits, in-ground benches also do wonders for a car workshop’s professional and clean look.

In-Ground Benches 

Highlighted product - CRS4000 In-Ground

The UnoLiner CRS4000 In-Ground is a chassis straightening bench, mounted level with the workshop floor, suitable for cars, SUVs, crossovers, MPVs, and light commercial vehicles. The CRS4000 In-Ground is an ideal straightening, alignment, and collision repair bench, which can also be used as a multifunctional vehicle maintenance and general repair worksite. Its length of 4... Read more...
CRS4000 In-Ground
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UnoLiner In-Ground Bench options:

  1. Placement in-ground, flush with the floor, without Drive-On ramps.
  2. Placement in-ground, flush with the floor, with the R15 Drive-On Ramp.

The R15 Drive-On Ramp Set fits onto each UnoLiner chassis straightening bench, including existing models. Its hinged design allows it to be installed flush with the floor. Simply roll or drive a vehicle onto the drive-on plates and activate the bench’s lift for easy access.

  • Level with the ground in its lowest position
  • Mechanical and hydraulic safety systems
  • 3, 4.6, 5, or 6 ton lifting capacity
  • Bench frame lengths of 3, 4, 4.6, 5.5 or 6 meters
  • Multiple-angle 10-ton pulling ability
  • Interchangeable UnoLiner accessories