Drive-On Benches

CRS4600-DO Bench
The UnoLiner CRS4600-DO Bench is a perfect blend between the smaller CRS4000-DO and larger CRS5500-DO. This drive-on straightening bench boasts a frame bench length of 4.6 meters and is suitable for the L30 and L36 lift, offering its user a choice between a lifting capacity of 3000 kg and 4600kg. It is ideal for repairing and restoring cars of all sizes, crossovers, MPVs, SUVs, pickup trucks, all-terrain vehicles, and light commercial vehicles. The CRS4600-DO is an excellent straightening, alignment, and collision repair bench, which can also be used as a multifunctional vehicle maintenance and general repair worksite.
The CRS4600-DO Bench—compatible with all UnoLiner tools, equipment and accessories— comes equipped with an angled drive-on ramp section with a compact length of 60 cm. Including these drive-on ramps, its total length is 5.2 meters. The CRS4600-DO set includes an F46 bench frame with an L30 or L36 Scissor Lift, 1x R25 Drive-On Ramp Set, 4x C10 Quick Lock Chassis Clamp, 4x B10 Bench Adapters. 4x H10 Wheels Stands, 1x P10 Draw Aligner Pulling Tower, and 1x F1030 Bench Height Set.  
  • Low base height of 14 cm
  • Mechanical and hydraulic safety systems
  • 60 or 100 cm drive-on ramps
  • 3 or 4.6 ton lifting capacity
  • Multiple-angle 10-ton pulling ability
  • Interchangeable UnoLiner accessories
Technical data
  • Bench Frame length : 4610 mm
  • Bench Frame width : 1040 (1160) mm
  • Min. bench height : 140 mm
  • Max. bench height : 1275 (1200) mm
  • Max. load weight : 3000 (4600) kg
  • Total length : 5170 mm
  • Total width including DO Ramps : 1965 (2085) mm