UnoLiner offers a comprehensive range of equipment for our chassis and collision repair systems. These accessories ensure our straightening benches accommodate all your collision repair work, be it a light adjustment to a microcar’s bodywork or a complete realignment of a heavy-duty pickup chassis. UnoLiner equipment suits all types of cars, such as compacts, classic cars, SUVs, MPVs, 4x4 off-roaders, pickup trucks, and utility vehicles. We have the right equipment for your UnoLiner bench and workshop.


Highlighted product - D15T Two-Way Locking Chain Guide

The UnoLiner D15T Chain Guide has been developed for two-way locking straightening benches, such as the CRS4600T and CRS6000T. This handy chain holder slides into both the straightening benches' top and side profiles. Tighten its two bolts to secure it firmly onto the bench and attach a pulling chain to the integrated chain holder tool.... Read more...
D15T Two-Way Locking Chain Guide
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We offer a broad range of accessories, including the P3030 Pulling Tower extender, C30/C31 Truck Chassis Clamp, C160 BMW Mini Chassis Clamp, D10 Down Pull Adapter, and the P20 Vector Pulling set. Collision repair professionals keep their workplace tidy by using our storage racks for UnoLiner accessories. Is there any equipment and tooling you need but can’t find in our catalogue? Don’t hesitate to contact us. UnoLiner engineers design and produce anything you need to fulfill your requirements.

  • Chassis clamps
  • Storage racks
  • Bench adapters
  • Anchoring
  • Wheel Stands
  • Ramps