UnoLiner is famous for its excellent chassis straightening benches, and we certainly haven’t forgotten about other vehicle lift types. In this product category you will find an increasing range of vehicle lifts that form perfect additions to UnoLiner’s repair equipment. This way, UnoLiner offers an all-round product range for total car body repair in all its facets.


Highlighted product - UL LR3T Mobile Rolling Lift

The UnoLiner LR3T Mobile Rolling Lift offers the unique advantage of being able to move the vehicle together with the lift all around the workshop. Place the vehicle on the LR3T, activate its scissor lift, click the wheels into the lift arms, and let its two cylinders lower the lift and its wheels to the... Read more...
UL LR3T Mobile Rolling Lift
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Right now, UnoLiner has the LR3T and the LV3T in their mobile lift lineup. Despite the lifts’ compact designs, they each boast a lifting capacity of 3 tons. The LV3T Mobile Hydraulic Lift can be fixed to a vehicle’s wheel or sill and lift it 1 meter off the ground to attain a pleasant work height. The LR3T Mobile Rolling Lift enables moving the vehicle placed on it across the workshop floor. Because of these features, both lifts make excellent additions to any car and body repair workshop.

  • Powerful yet space-saving
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile or secured to floor
  • Versatile
  • Ideal for any workshop