Pulling and Pushing

P20 Vector Pulling Set

The UnoLiner P20 Vector Pulling Set expands the P10 Draw Aligner’s multifunctionality by adding one or more hydraulic cylinders with integrated chain holders. The cylinder connects to an air hydraulic pump for a pulling force of 10 metric tons. Combining the P10 Draw Aligner and the P20 results in a complete Vector Draw Aligner that can push and pull multiple points at precise angles.


  • Multidirectional pushing and pulling
  • Ram cylinder extension tubes
  • Air hydraulic pump
  • Easily mounted on P10
  • Great to combine with D10(T) Down Pull Adapter

Technical data

  • Pulling force : 10 tons
  • Extension Tube P20-20 : 150 mm
  • Extension Tube P20-30 : 300 mm
  • Extension Shaft P20-40 : 750 mm



The P20’s chain holder, lock pin, and interlocking extension tubes can easily be mounted on the P10, transforming it into the perfect vector draw aligner for simultaneous pushing and pulling in multiple directions. For unparalleled versatility, also consider adding the optional D10 Down Pull Adapter.