Pulling and Pushing

UnoLiner offers a variety of pulling and pushing tools to meet the demands of all kinds of vehicle chassis and body panel straightening and repair work. These towers and accessories fit on all UnoLiner car chassis straightening benches. UnoLiner products have been designed with easy and fast use in mind. A prime example of this is the unique Quick Lock one-bolt locking system that enables quick mounting of the P10 Pulling Tower on any UnoLiner chassis straightening bench or frame machine.

Pulling and Pushing 

Highlighted product - P5010 Accessory Kit

As an expansion to the P50 Standard Kit, UnoLiner also offers the Accessory Kit, which features a selection of accessories that greatly expand the P50’s pulling and pushing applicability. Read more...
P5010 Accessory Kit
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The UnoLiner P10 Draw Aligner is UnoLiner’s pulling tower workhorse, equipped with a hydraulic cylinder with an impressive 10 ton pulling capacity, powered by a compressed air hydraulic pump. By adding the P20 Vector Pulling Set, which includes one or more hydraulic cylinders, the P10 Draw Aligner becomes a complete Vector Draw Aligner for pulling and pushing multiple points at precise angles. Other accessories include the D10 Down Pull Adapter, the D15 Chain Guide, and the P3030 Arm Extender. Attach the UnoLiner P10 Draw Aligner securely in place in any position on the chassis straightening bench with its Quick Lock one-bolt locking system.

  • Multidirectional pushing and pulling
  • Handheld, battery-powered, 5-ton pushing and pulling device
  • Simultaneous 10-ton pulling with multiple P10s on one bench
  • Multiple hydraulic cylinder attachment points
  • Quick Lock one-bolt locking System
  • Compatible with all UnoLiner alignment benches
  • Arm extension for upper body vehicle repair