B10-55 Bench Adapter
The UnoLiner B10-55 Bench Adapter has been specifically developed for vehicles with larger track and chassis widths. The B10-55 has the same height as the standard B10 Bench Adapter and its chassis clamp arms have been elongated without sacrificing strength. The B10-55 is suitable for all UnoLiner chassis clamps and straightening benches. Its patented "Quick Lock" one-bolt locking system makes attaching the B10-55 easy and safe.
The B10-55 ensures fast and secure mounting and anchoring of UnoLiner chassis clamps on all UnoLiner straightening benches. Because of its special design, it is perfectly suited for both normal and wider vehicles.
  • For larger track widths
  • Compatible with all UnoLiner chassis clamps
  • Compatible with all UnoLiner benches
  • Fast and easy to install
  • "Quick Lock" one-bolt locking system
Technical data
  • Height : 330 mm
  • Length : 550 mm
  • Width : 100 mm
  • Max. load weight : 1250 kg