H25L Wheel Stand

The UnoLiner H25L Wheel Stand is the heavy-duty version of the H20 Wheel Stand. Thanks to its reinforced design, its maximum capacity has increased to 1400 kg per stand. This renders the H25L the perfect wheel stand for the bigger UnoLiner bench systems. Casters add mobility to the H25L, allowing easy placement. There are four H25L Wheel Stands in each UnoLiner Drive-On Bench Set or In-Ground Bench Set with a lifting capacity of 4.6 tons or more.


  • Heavy-duty wheel stand
  • Casters for extra mobility
  • Compact wall storage on H2080 Rack

Technical data

  • Height : 830 mm
  • Width : 635 mm
  • Length : 605 mm
  • Weight : 32 kg
  • Max. load weight : 1400 kg



To ensure compact, space-saving storage of these stands, we have developed the optional H2080 Wheel Stand Storage.