Roll-Over Benches

UnoLiner offers a range of Roll-Over Benches for fast and efficient car chassis straightening and collision repair work. These chassis straightening benches and their interchangeable accessories have been designed to be user-friendly and feature a low bench height of only 14 cm for easy vehicle placement. UnoLiner chassis straightening benches are available in different sizes and lifting capacities to suit every type of vehicle workshop. Roll-Over Benches in particular are perfect for in-ground installment.

Roll-Over Benches 

Highlighted product - CRS3000-RO Quick Bench

With its length of 3 meters and width of less than a meter, the UnoLiner CRS3000-RO Quick Bench fits in any car body repair workshop. Its lifting capacity of 3000 kg and maximum bench height of ca. 1.3 meters enables it to offer the complete functionality of a full-size chassis straightening and collision repair bench.... Read more...
CRS3000-RO Quick Bench
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The low bench height of UnoLiner Roll-Over Benches makes them easy to use. Not needing bench angling or pulling winches to position a car or truck saves time and energy. The vehicle can simply be rolled into position. UnoLiner Roll-Over Benches’ multifunctional design means they can be used for collision repair work as well as regular maintenance. This provides your workshop with extra efficiency. The use of UnoLiner chassis and collision repair equipment results in a practical workspace and a functionality beyond most other chassis straightening benches and frame machines’ capabilities.

  • In-ground placement possible
  • Mechanical and hydraulic safety systems
  • 3, 4.6, or 5 ton lifting capacity
  • Bench frame lengths of 3, 4, 4.6, or 5.5 meters
  • Multiple-angle 10-ton pulling ability
  • Interchangeable UnoLiner accessories