Roll-Over Benches


The UnoLiner CRS4000-RO chassis straightening bench with its 3-ton lifting capacity is a prime example of high-quality collision repair equipment. Its ergonomic bench height guarantees ease-of-use during chassis straightening, sanding, car body panel repair, bumper replacement, and regular maintenance. RO stands for roll over, which means the drive-on ramps have been omitted to save costs and space—especially useful when the bench is installed in-ground.


  • Multiple-angle 10-ton pulling ability
  • Interchangeable UnoLiner accessories
  • 3 ton lifting capacity
  • Mechanical and hydraulic safety systems
  • In-ground placement possible

Technical data

  • Bench frame length : 4060 mm
  • Bench frame width : 1040 mm
  • Min. bench height : 145 mm
  • Max. bench height : 1270 mm
  • Max. load weight : 3000 kg



Because this bench has a height of only 14.5 cm in its lowest position when not placed in-ground, it is easy to position a car on it. The optional R10 Drive-On Ramp allows cars with little ground clearance, such as exotic sportscars, to be placed on the bench. This frame machine is compatible with all UnoLiner accessories. The CRS4000-RO set includes an F40 Bench Frame with an L30 Scissor Lift, 4x C10 Quick-Lock Universal Chassis Clamps, 4x B10 Bench Adapters, 4x H10 Wheel Stand, 1x P10 Draw Aligner Pulling Tower, and 1x F1030 Bench Height Set.