UnoLiner launches in Australia

UnoLiner Systems and Guest Equipment Sales have joined forces

UnoLiner Systems is happy to announce we’ve added another distributor to our global network. Guest Equipment Sales, founded by collision repair expert John Guest, has become our official distributor for the Australian and New Zealand markets. John Guest, a household name in Australian repair industry, has four decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to rely on.

For ten years, he had been the main distributor of a large collision repair system manufacturer before selling those rights to focus on creating business opportunities for his many contacts. Now, having been introduced to UnoLiner’s wide array of products, John is thrilled to return to his first commercial love: collision repairs.

We look very much forward to working with him and his company.

At the Collision Repair Expo in Melbourne, held 7 – 9 April 2022, our new range of body and chassis straightening products will be revealed to the world.

Advertisement for UnoLiner straightening bench