Workshop Furniture

G51 Air-Power-Hoist
UnoLiner ReFab G51 Air-Power-Hoist cabinet supplying power, compressed air and battery charging cables to where needed. Direct there, at the vehicle. Shown in the photos is also the optional Vehicle Hoist Control Panel. Using the G90 Battery Charging Arm connecting the charger to the battery is easy. Just pull the overhead arm towards the vehicle. Pull down the clamp connectors and connect the battery clamps to the correct positive & negative battery poles.
The G51 Air-Power-Hoist Cabinet is ideal for any auto maintenance and repair workshop. In combination with the UnoLiner ReFab G50 Fluid Dispenser and the G10 Work Bench & Diagnostic Computer Cabinet the complete efficient organised work site is created. Each UnoLiner ReFab G51 cabinet serves two vehicle hoist work bays.
  • 2x Electrical power supply reel
  • 2x Compressed air supply reel
  • 2x Optional Hoist control Panel
  • 2x Overhead Battery charge connection arms
  • 2x Power points
  • Custom made to client requirements
Technical data
  • Width : 1500 mm
  • Depth : 550 mm
  • Height : 1000 mm
  • Compressed Air pistols : 2 to 4 pce
  • Electrical power reels : 2 to 4 pce
  • Power points : 0 to 4 pce
  • Hoist control panel : 0 to 2 pce