Workshop Furniture

G50 Fluid Dispensing
UnoLiner ReFab G50 Fluid Dispensing module for engine oil, lubricant, coolant and wiper fluids. Right to the vehicle where you need them. No packaged products, drums or containers, ideal in any maintenance and repair workshop. Fluids delivered from a central fluid and lubrication handling system to the G50 Dispensing station. Right to the vehicle engine bay.
Fluid Dispensing nozzles and pistols hang ready for use, in-board in the G50 Fluid Dispensing Station cabinet. The in-board storage method ensures that fluids do not leak onto the workshop floor or contaminate workshop staff clothing. The UnoLiner ReFab, mounted completely level and also sealed onto the workshop floor so ensuring that no fluids can leak to under the unit. Each UnoLiner ReFab G50 Fluid Dispensing station can serve two hoist work stations. The G50 Fluid Dispenser as a modular unit, combined with the UnoLiner ReFab G51 Air-Power-Hoist Cabinet and the G10 and G11 Work Benches. The complete vehicle maintenance and repair bay unit.
  • Engine oil dispensing reel.
  • Lubricant (grease) dispensing reel.
  • Coolant dispensing reel.
  • Wiper fluid dispensing.
Technical data
  • Width : 1500 mm
  • Depth : 650 mm
  • Height : 1050 mm
  • Dispenser positions : 4 to 8 pces
  • Optional power points : 2 pce