Workshop Furniture

G11 Work Bench
UnoLiner ReFab G11 Work Bench. Our range; solid heavy duty and with large work surface, ample storage space and installation space for diagnostic computer terminals. The G11 Work Bench is a modular unit which. Together with the G50 Fluid Dispensing Unit and the G51 Air-Power-Hoist control cabinet create the complete maintenance and repair work bay. All you need where you need it, direct at the hoist and the vehicle.
The UnoLiner ReFab G11 Work Bench in with possible options and in configurations as required by the customer.  
  • Modular system
  • Modular Unit fitting together with:
  • G50 Fluids Dispensing cabinet
  • G51 Air-Power-Hoist cabinet with Compressed-air spool, Electrical-cord spool, Battery charging, Integrated Hoist Control Panel
  • Custom made to client requirements