Workshop Furniture
UnoLiner ReFab workshop furniture, a modular system designed to ensure a perfectly organised automotive workshop with tools, diagnostic computers and also fluids, compressed air and electrical feed stored on spring loaded reels and available where you need them, directly at the vehicle. Functional design, excellent and innovative workshop furniture. UnoLiner ReFab has the modular flexibility necessary to provide you with the unique functional design that meets your requirements perfectly.
Workshop Furniture G10, G11, G50, G51, G90
UnoLiner ReFab G10 Work Bench. Solid heavy duty top and with ample storage space and installation points for diagnostic computer terminals and keyboards. The G10 Work Bench is a modular unit which, together with the G50 Fluid Dispensing Unit and the G51 Air-Power-Hoist control cabinet, is the Read more ...
The efficiency and profitability of your business is determined by your workshop. The layout and functionality play a critical part. It’s essential that it’s designed right ‘first time’. As innovators of the integrated workshop system, UnoLiner ReFab has unrivaled experience and in house expertise in delivering flexible and design-lead solutions that are tailored to your business. With UnoLiner Refab you are assured of the best design, quality and functionality, all backed by the highest levels of service and state of the art Dutch manufacturing. UnoLiner ReFab offers flexibility in the tailor made design and installation of:
  • Fluid (oil, coolant & wiper fluid) dispensing cabinets
  • Workbench stations
  • Intergrated hoist control panels
  • Computer diagnostic cabinets
  • Hybride battery charge station
  • Battery management & charge station
  • Storage cabinets
  • Waste bin cabinets
  • Modular system
  • Fluids Dispensing Cabinets
  • Electricity and Compressed Air supply reel cabinets
  • Work benches
  • Storage cabinets
  • Waste disposal cabinets
  • Integrated Hoist Control Panel
  • Custom made to client requirements