Welding Equipment

HELVI TP230 Three Torch
UnoLiner-HELVI TP230 Three Torch Combi. Single-phase microprocessor-controlled welding unit. The perfect combination for all automotive body shop welding, MIG/MAG (manual, synergic or pulsed), TIG-DC (manual or pulsed) and electrode wedding. The HELVI TP230 Three Torch TIG DC features: Lift arc; continuous or pulsed welding; 2T/4T selection; Up/down slope adjustment; frequency and current levels in TIG pulsed welding; final current. Electrode features: anti-stick; adjustable hot start & arc force. Save custom welding settings; 2T/4T, spot function selection; pre-post gas adjustment; electronic inductance, soft start, b.b.t.(burn back time).
HELVI TP230 Three Torch 3,3” display & user-friendly control panel makes welding parameter  adjustment  easy. Ideal for body workshop welding including stainless steel, aluminium and zinc-coated steels. Use with 5 welding torches (not at same time). Bracket for 2 gas cylinders (Ar/Co2 and Ar) Ø170mm. Option: larger Gas cylinders (Ø 210mm or Ø 260mm. 3 wire spools (Fe/CrNi, Al and CuSi) for simple and fast use. Synergic MIG/MAG welding processor allows easy adjustment and optimal arc stability & weld quality. MIG-MAG features: Manual or pulsed (for Aluminium, CuSi, Steel or Stainless); pre-set synergic curves. Pulsed guarantees small thicknesses and aluminium best performance. Easy torch selection with trigger pressure.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Synergic MIG/MAG welding.
  • TIG-DC (manual or pulsed).
  • Three wire spools.
  • Trigger pressure torch selection.
  • Electrode wedding.