Welding Equipment

HELVI TP202 Two Torch
UnoLiner-HELVI TP202 Two Torch Single-phase inverter welding unit on wheels with PFC technology. (thus allowing an energy saving of 35% with a very high power factor). Microprocessor-controlled, suitable for MIG/MAG (manual, synergic)
The UnoLiner-Helvi TP202 Two Torch is equipped with  a user-friendly 2 digital display control panel  making the adjustment very easy and intuitive. Ideal for applications in car body workshops and also general welding work. Specifically suited for the welding of stainless steel, aluminium and zinc-coated steels. Ideal for the use with two welding torches. (not at the same time). Two gas cylinders (Ar/Co2 and Ar). Standard cylinder bracket for max Ø170mm. Two wire spools (Al and CuSi) enabling simple and fast use. In synergic MIG/MAG welding mode the microprocessor makes adjustment easy and gives an optimal arc stability and weld quality.
  • Two digital displays.
  • Two welding torches.
  • Two wire spools.
  • Synergic MIG/MAG welding.
  • user-friendly control panel.