Welding Equipment

Helvi Compact 220 ACDC
UnoLiner Helvi Compact 220 ACDC Single phase welding inverter designed to guarantee excellent welding qualities and be reliable & simple to use. For TIG welding using direct or alternate current and for welding all commercial coated electrodes. An easy to read control panel simplifies choice between the various welding types (MMA, TIG DC, TIG AC) and regulation of the various welding parameters such as the initial, base & peak current, pulse, crater filler, up & down slopes, pre & post gas.
Balancing function enables regulation of the ratio between penetration and cleaning of the weld pool. Remote control or foot pedal control. Optional modular water cooling unit is also available on request. Helvi Compact 220 ACDC. Ideal for use in automotive body shops and also for industrial, steel structural work and the food industry.
  • MMA Welding
  • Cooling Fan On Demand
  • Optional External Water Cooling
  • Power Generator Friendly
  • Line Voltage Compensation
  • Remote Control Connector
Technical data
  • Single Phase : 230 50/60 Volt Hz
  • MMA min - max : 20 / 200 Amp
  • TIG DC min - max : 2 / 200 Amp
  • TIG AC min - max : 5 / 200 Amp
  • ø E : 1.6 / 5 mm