Welding Equipment
From the compact and portable FOX 180S new line of welding equipment with continuous welding wire, to the advanced professional Helvi TP230 3 Torch COMBI Three torch Single-phase welding unit. This exceptional top unit is mounted on wheels and is microprocessor-controlled. Uniquely suitable for all automotive body shop welding requirements. MIG/MAG (manual, synergic or pulsed), TIG-DC (manual or pulsed) and electrode welding.
Welding Equipment
UnoLiner Helvi Compact 220 ACDC Single phase welding inverter designed to guarantee excellent welding qualities and be reliable & simple to use. For TIG welding using direct or alternate current and for welding all commercial coated electrodes. An easy to read control panel simplifies choice Read more ...
HELVI, during the last 40 years, continues to prove itself to be the ideal partner. Continuous  technological innovation for welding equipment. HELVI offers the best possible innovative products in line with the needs of the market and customers. We offer a complete automotive range for welding (MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG), spot welding and plasma cutting. Top of the range equipment. Synergic control, multi-functional and thyristor based welders, single phase and three phase inverters for welding and plasma cutting. Whatever you need as customer. Whether a novice, craftsman, welding artist or a top professional welder, UnoLiner, in partnership with HELVI, offers products that meet the highest standards in both quality and reliability.
HELVI, as UnoLiners partner, is dedicated to providing quality products that have been designed, developed and manufactured in-house. Our key to professional growth and renewal lies in staff motivation and training combined with continuous research, innovation and development. From the past to the future, combining tradition and the newest innovations in welding. UnoLiner in partnership with HELVI, always give priority to customer service.
  • Inverter Technology
  • Multi Voltage 115 / 230V
  • Auto line voltage compensation
  • Easy parameter set up.
  • “Set and Weld” mode
  • Perfect even for novice users
  • Up to 35% saving on power use.