Roll-Over Benches
A unique advantage of all UnoLiner chassis straightening benches. The low base height of only 13.5 cm and the worker friendly ergonomic design. UnoLiner offers a range of Roll-Over benches for fast and efficient car chassis straightening and collision repair work. The CRS3000-RO Compact, the CRS4000-RO and the CRS5500-RO Muscle-machine. All UnoLiner chassis straightening benches are perfect for also installing In-Ground
Roll-Over Benches CRS3000, CRS4000, CRS5500
The UnoLiner CRS4000-RO chassis straightening bench with its 3-ton lifting capacity is a prime example of high-quality collision repair equipment. Its ergonomic bench height guarantees ease-of-use during chassis straightening, sanding, car body panel repair, bumper replacement, and regular Read more ...
UnoLiner RollOver benches are the absolute lowest. No bench angling or pulling winch work needed thus saving time and energy. The car just simply rolls over the UnoLiner bench frame machine. No chassis straightening work to be done? The UnoLiner Roll-Over Bench Lift is flexible and multi-functional and therefore always in use for other collision repair work. This flexibility gives maximum practical, real and effective work space in your workshop. Useful option! all UnoLiner benches can also be placed in-Ground. UnoLiner car chassis and collision repair equipment assures a perfect work situation and flexibility not achieved by most other car chassis straightening and machine frame systems. Contact your UnoLiner dealer or email us at for all information.
  • Mechanical and hydraulic safety systems
  • 3 or 3.6 ton lifting capacity
  • Multiple-angle 10-ton pulling ability
  • Interchangeable UnoLiner accessories
  • In-ground placement possible