RV8H 8 Ton 18V Electro Hydraulic Riveting Set

The RV8H is a riveting device with many standard and optional features, yet it manages to stay user-friendly thanks to its practical and multifunctional design. For instance, its user can mount special actuators for blind rivets and threaded bushes. Also, the RV8H is equipped with presettable programs (time, pressure and stroke) to match the specs required by the car manufacturer. Pressing time can be regulated, and when a set force is obtained, the device can retract automatically. To top it all off, the RV8H is a remarkably silent device.


  • Light, compact, and portable pump body
  • Approved by Ford
  • Suitable for many different car brands and types
  • Compression arms sizes: 40, 120, or 240 mm
  • Real-time information display
  • Built-in software to track riveting

Technical data

  • Pushing and pulling capacity : 8 tons
  • Pump weight : 3.8 kg
  • Compression head rotation : 360 degrees
  • Adjustable compression force : 20-95 kN



The RV8H’s actuator enables pushing and pulling with a force of 8 tons. Traceability software is included for analysis and operation. Besides its standard power supply, an 18V Li-ion battery powers the RV8H for portable use. A grip handle on the compression arm improves precision. Accessories include C-Arms of different sizes, riveting adapters, a rivet extractor, and more.