Pulling and Pushing

P10 Draw Aligner
The UnoLiner P10 Draw Aligner: the complete pulling tower system. The P10 Draw Aligner is compatible with all UnoLiner straightening benches. Because of its horizontal and vertical hinging, the P10 can be positioned 360 degrees around a vehicle. UnoLiner’s one-bolt locking system enables fast and secure attachment to any UnoLiner straightening bench.  
The optional P20 Vector Pulling Set expands the P10’s multifunctionality by adding one or more hydraulic cylinders equipped with an integrated chain holder. In addition, the pulling arm is extendable by 87 cm using the optional P3030 Arm Extension. Combined with the D10 Down Pull Adapter, virtually each convenient angle is attainable, which allows for unparalleled flexibility and ease-of-use.

  • 360 degrees positioning on frame
  • Packs 10 tons of pulling power
  • Compatible with all UnoLiner alignment benches
  • Multiple hydraulic cylinder attachment points
  • "Quick Lock" one-bolt locking system
  • Simultaneous 10-ton pulling with multiple P10s
Technical data
  • Pulling power : 10 tons
  • Horizontal positioning : 180 degrees
  • Vertical arm positioning : 80 degrees
  • Pulling tower height : 1450 mm
  • Pull Tower Extension (option) : 870 mm
  • Positioning on frame : 360 degrees