Pulling and Pushing

Electro Power 5T
The UnoLiner Electro Power 5T is a handheld pulling and pushing system for fast repairs. Its rechargeable Li-ion battery  powers this handy device, which has a pulling and pushing capacity of  up to 5 tons! It's ideal for narrow spaces because it doesn't need electric cables or hydraulic hoses. The standard Electro Power 5T kit is outfitted with a plethora of useful accessories that enable a wide range of repair options for a vehicle repair workshop.
Because there's no need to swap cylinders, users of the Electro Power save time. This feature also prevents instances of hydraulic oil leakage that may occur during cylinder switching. Practical, compact, and lightweight, the Electro Power meets and exceeds the requirements of what constitutes an invaluable addition to your vehicle repair tools.
  • Pushing and pulling in one handy device
  • Impressive 5-ton pulling capacity
  • Standard kit is filled with useful accessories
  • Perfect for narrow spaces
  • Very easy positioning
Technical data
  • Pulling Power : 5 tons
  • Piston Stroke : 130 mm