Pulling and Pushing
UnoLiner offers a variety of pulling tower tools to meet the demands for all kinds of pulling, car chassis and body-panel straightening and repair work. Products and accessories designed to fit on all UnoLiner car chassis straightening benches. UnoLiner products, easy and fast to use. So also the UnoLiner P10 Pulling Tower with the unique 'One-Bolt Locking-system'.
Pulling and Pushing P10 P20 P3030
The UnoLiner P10 Draw Aligner: the complete pulling tower system. The P10 Draw Aligner is compatible with all UnoLiner straightening benches. Because of its horizontal and vertical hinging, the P10 can be positioned 360 degrees around a vehicle. UnoLiner’s one-bolt locking system enables fast Read more ...
The UnoLiner P10 Draw Aligner is UnoLiners Pulling Tower work horse. Equipped with the UnoLiner 10 ton hydraulic cylinder and driven by compressed the air operated hydraulic pump. The P10 can be equipped with the P20 Vector Pulling Set. Also the D10 Down Pull Adapter, D15 Chain Guide, the P3030 Arm Extender and multiple UnoLiner Hydraulic cylinders. The P10 Draw Aligner is fast and easy to attach to any UnoLiner chassis straightening machine frame using UnoLiners unique One Bolt Locking system. Attach the UnoLiner P10 Draw Aligner securely in place in any position on the chassis straightening bench machine frame.
  • Practical, sturdy, and fast
  • Packs 10 tons of pulling power
  • Compatible with all UnoLiner alignment benches
  • Multiple hydraulic cylinder attachment points
  • "Quick Lock" One-Bolt Locking System
  • Simultaneous 10-ton pulling with multiple P10s on one bench