Measuring Systems

M80 UL Measuring System LT

The M80 UL Measuring System LT facilitates easy vehicle chassis measuring and includes software and hardware for accurate and quick measuring during vehicle repair. The M80’s software package contains a vast database of thousands of vehicles and shows its user all connection and measuring points for the chosen vehicle. The included hardware—which is supplied in a sturdy case—consists of an extendable, electronic measuring device and all the necessary accessories such as extensions, adapters, and measuring rods. These are all so easy to use that one person can do the required measuring by himself.


  • Point-to-point measuring
  • Can be operated by one person
  • Digital measuring rod and accessories included
  • Frequently updated vehicle database
  • Create reports and find measuring points with software

Technical data

  • Chassis measuring : 900-2650 mm
  • Short measuring function : 400-2150 mm