UL LR3T Mobile Rolling Lift

The UnoLiner LR3T Mobile Rolling Lift offers the unique advantage of being able to move the vehicle together with the lift all around the workshop. Place the vehicle on the LR3T, activate its scissor lift, click the wheels into the lift arms, and let its two cylinders lower the lift and its wheels to the ground. Operate the lift via its convenient, hydraulic foot pump. The lift's caster wheels provide free movement of the car and rolling lift throughout the body shop. This way, you'll save time, costs, and space.


  • Saves space
  • 3 ton lifting capacity
  • Easily fitted caster wheelset
  • Rubber slide pads for vehicle placement
  • Lifts vehicle to ideal work height
  • Allows for lift and car mobility in workshop

Technical data

  • Weight : 400 kg
  • Max. width : 1860 mm
  • Min. width : 1000 mm
  • Max. height : 992 mm
  • Min. height : 100 mm
  • Length : 1882 mm
  • Max. load weight : 3000 kg
  • Pump : 300 bar



Thanks to a double acting powering system and four pivoting wheels, easily assembled to the lift arms, the operator can shift the car placed on the lift to the different working areas of the body shop. The lift arms can also be outfitted with slide pads for easy car placement. Despite its nimble design and modest size, this device has an impressive lift capacity of 3 tons. Also, because of its configuration, wheels and suspension of a mounted vehicle are readily accessible.