Drive-On Benches

CRS4600T-DO Bench
The UnoLiner CRS4600T-DO Bench is a drive-on chassis straightening bench with a lifting capacity of 4600 kg and a bench frame length of 4.6 meters. This chassis straightening and collision repair frame machine is perfectly suitable for cars of all sizes, crossovers, MPVs, SUVs, pickup trucks, all-terrain vehicles, and light commercial vehicles. Because of its unique two-way locking system, accessories such as bench adapters outfitted with chassis clamps can be mounted on top of the frame as well as on its sides, greatly expanding the bench’s already noteworthy versatility.
The CRS4600T-DO Bench comes equipped with angled, one-meter-long R25TL Drive-On Ramps. Its total length, including ramps, is 5.6 meters. Its total width, including ramps, is just over 2 meters. The CRS4600T-DO set includes an F46T bench frame with an L36 Scissor Lift, 1x R25TL Drive-On Ramp Set, 4x C10 Quick Lock Chassis Clamp, 4x B10 Bench Adapters. 4x H20 Wheels Stands, 1x P10 Draw Aligner Pulling Tower, and 1x F1030 Bench Height Set.
  • Unique two-way locking system
  • Maximum versatility
  • 4.6 ton lifting capacity
  • Mechanical and hydraulic safety systems
  • Multiple-angle 10-ton pulling ability
  • Interchangeable UnoLiner accessories
Technical data
  • Bench Frame length : 4610 mm
  • Bench Frame width : 1160 mm
  • Min. bench height : 170 mm
  • Max. bench height : 1230 mm
  • Length incl. DO ramps : 5570 mm
  • Width incl. DO ramps : 2085 mm