W50 Manual Lift

The UnoLiner W50 Manual Lift fixes a scissor lift to its bench frame. In combination with the W10 Bench Wheel Set, this bracket provides mobility for UnoLiner’s Drive-On and Roll-Over chassis straightening benches. This makes moving the bench to another spot in the workshop fast and easy. Transporting to another location also becomes an option with this combination, because a secured bench and lift can be loaded onto a truck.


  • For Drive-On and Roll-Over benches
  • Secures lift to bench frame for transport
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Strong and durable
  • Combine with W10 Wheel Set for mobility

Technical data

  • Length : 50 mm
  • Width : 730 mm
  • Height : 290 mm



Applying the W50 is easy: place its hook around the lift’s axis, tighten one bolt, and you’re set to go. See the W20 Wheel set and W60 Manual Lift for our mobility solutions regarding In-Ground straightening bench systems.