F1030 Bench Height Set
The UnoLiner F1030 Bench Height Set positions the bench at the correct height for connecting the P10 Draw Aligner. With the F1030 clicked into vertical position and its support struts touching the ground, attaching the draw aligner to the bench frame is a matter of seconds.
The F1030 Bench Height Set is available in two variants: the F1030 for UnoLiner’s Drive-On Benches and Roll-Over Benches, and the F1030-L for UnoLiner’s In-Ground Benches.
  • Adjustable height
  • Hinged for easy storage
  • Enables fast draw aligner placement
  • Variant F1030-L for In-Ground benches
Technical data
  • F1030 height : 341 mm
  • F1030 width : 427 mm
  • F1030 length : 70 mm
  • F1030L height : 762 mm
  • F1030L width : 682 mm
  • F1030L length : 112 mm