D10(T) Down Pull Adapter

The UnoLiner D10 Down Pull Adapter for down and vector pulling is versatile and easy to secure with its one-bolt locking system. It can be placed all around each UnoLiner bench frame machine and in various positions on the P10 Draw Aligner. Compared to other down pull support systems, the D10 requires fewer movements with the draw aligner, saving time and money. A new version, the D10T, is available for UnoLiner's two-way locking benches.


  • Quick Lock one-bolt locking system
  • Multipurpose pulling guide
  • Adjustable angle
  • D10T version for two-way locking bench
  • Perfect for combining with P10 and P20

Technical data

  • Length : 140 mm
  • Width : 100 mm
  • Height : 80 mm
  • Weight : 3 kg



The D10 can be attached in every angle you need by tightening only one bolt. Its compact design and sturdy chain roll make it perfectly suitable for everyday use. Combine the D10 with the P20 Vector Pulling Set for unparalleled versatility. The video shows the two-way locking variant, the D10T.