C160 BMW-Mini Chassis Clamp

The UnoLiner C160 BMW-Mini Chassis Clamp is a jig anchoring system that is specifically designed for all BMW and Mini cars. Its modifications provide fast, easy, and secure fastening of BMWs and Minis to all UnoLiner bench adapters and chassis straightening bench frames.


  • Designed for BMW and Mini cars
  • Fits on all UnoLiner bench adapters

Technical data

  • Length : 310 mm
  • Height : 184 mm
  • Width : 170 mm



The above images show the C160 BMW-Mini Chassis Clamp mounted on the UnoLiner B30 Bench Adapter and the B70 Adjustable Bench Adapter. UnoLiner chassis clamps work seamlessly with all UnoLiner straightening bench anchoring products.