B30 Bench Adapter

The UnoLiner B30 Bench Adapter has been developed for reparation of vehicles with a smaller tracking and chassis width, such as classic cars, microcars, and cars from the European A, B, and C segments. Thanks to the chassis clamp arms’ clever design, it remains perfectly suitable for mid-size and full-size cars as well. Its patented Quick Lock one-bolt locking system makes attaching the B30 easy and safe.


  • Ideal for compact cars
  • Compatible with all UnoLiner chassis clamps
  • Compatible with all UnoLiner benches
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Quick Lock one-bolt locking system

Technical data

  • Length : 510 mm
  • Height above bench : 245 mm
  • Width : 100 mm
  • Max. load weight : 850 kg



The B30 Bench Adapter provides secure chassis clamp anchoring for a wide range of vehicles, from microcars to SUVs. It can be used in combination with all UnoLiner chassis clamps—such as the universal C10 Chassis Clamp—and UnoLiner straightening benches.