B10T Bench Adapter

The UnoLiner B10T Bench Adapter has been specifically designed for UnoLiner's two-way locking benches. These benches, such as the CRS4600T and CRS6000T, feature extra profiles on top for adapter and accessory placement. The B10T locks onto the top profile, keeping the side profiles completely available for drive-on ramps, pulling towers, down pull adapters, and other repair equipment.


  • Bench adapter for two-way locking benches
  • Compatible with all UnoLiner chassis clamps
  • Easy to mount on top profile

Technical data

  • Height above bench : 300 mm
  • Length : 620 mm
  • Width : 100 mm
  • Max. load weight : 1250 kg



The B10T ensures fast and secure mounting and anchoring of chassis clamps on all UnoLiner straightening benches. Its sturdy construction and practical design guarantees safety and durability.