A20 3D Anchor Set
The UnoLiner A20 3D Anchor Set is perfect for clamping and holding individual car body panels, chassis sections, and miscellaneous parts in position while conducting vehicle repairs such as body panel replacement and aligning, welding, and chassis straightening. The A20’s rotatable support provides extra flexibility.
The UnoLiner A20 3D Anchor Set functions as a universal jig for anchoring body panels, parts, and chassis sections in position. The A20 3D Set includes a bridge that easily attaches to the bench, a 360 degree rotatable support, two different-sized extension tubes, and a 360 degree rotatable fastening head, which is equipped with a clamp jaw for clamping car sills, body panel parts, and weld flanges. Optional extension tubes increase its standard height.
  • Universal support jig clamp
  • Easily position parts
  • Usable anywhere on the bench frame
  • 360 degrees adjustable foot and head
  • Height extendible
Technical data
  • Standard height above bench : 675 mm
  • Min. height above bench : 475 mm
  • Optional extension small : 100 mm
  • Optional extension big : 200 mm