Press Release UnoLiner CRS4600T-DO Bench



UnoLiner presents new straightening bench

UnoLiner’s new straightening bench combines side profiles with a top profile for optimal ease-of-use.

Hoorn, The Netherlands, November 15, 2018 — UnoLiner has unveiled an all-new chassis straightening bench: the CRS4600T-DO. This bench is equipped with a more powerful scissor lift and a unique two-way locking system, which means a top-locking profile now complements its side profiles.

“This design enables simultaneous placement of accessories on the sides and top of the bench frame,” according to Technical Director Mitch Hendrikse. “This signifies a huge increase in usability, as it allows for more efficient combining of accessories, unhampered by lack of space.”

For example, because of the two-way locking system, a bench adapter with chassis clamps no longer gets in the way of the draw aligner. This enables many combinations that were simply unfeasible before, which maximizes user freedom and saves time as a result.

About UnoLiner

Swedish in origin, UnoLiner is currently based in the Netherlands. From their base in Hoorn, they have continued to branch out into different countries, gaining distributors all over the world. Their target market comprises panel beating, collision repair, chassis straightening, and car restoration companies. For more information, visit