New UnoLiner heavy-duty lift pushed to the limit


New scissor lift for UnoLiner straightening benches lifts over 5 metric tons!

Never one to shy away from a proper engineering challenge, we at UnoLiner have risen to the occasion to re-engineer one of our single scissor lift systems and significantly increase its lifting capacity. The biggest engineering challenge was to accomplish this without raising the lift height, to make sure the bench can be raised from the lowest possible position and still make optimal use of its inherent power and have it distribute its forces without bending or deforming any segments of the lift or bench.

Using the CRS4600T two-way locking body and chassis straightening bench packed to the brim with heavy objects as reference, we have arranged a test in our workshop, during which we gradually increased the load. The lift passed these increasingly difficult tests with flying colors. As depicted in the video, the lift is perfectly capable of raising over 5 metric tons!

From a base height of only 150 mm (or in other words, with the 150-mm-high bench flat on the floor), it elevates the load of precisely 5138 kg / 11327 lbs with ease. The whole lift system stays firm and level on the ground as it lifts the exceptionally heavy load, which is all the more impressive when you realize that, for this test, it hasn’t been bolted to the workshop floor.

Also worth mentioning is how little pressure of the hydraulic system was required to perform this heavy lifting. Keeping in mind the 300-350 bar operating range of the hydraulic cylinder, the measured peak pressure of 260 bar shows the lift’s efficient construction.

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Important safety information:
For testing purposes, the bench has not been bolted to the floor and a strap has been attached to the safety foot. As you can hear in the video, the safety foot deploys at the fourteen-second mark. When installed and in use, the bench must always be bolted to the floor and the safety foot must be clear of ropes and obstacles at all times.